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WOW 4 - The Chemical Generation - Vol. 2

Album Information

WOW 4 - The Chemical Generation - Vol. 2

Release Date : Jun 2000

Catalogue Number : WOWCD04

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Disc 1 - Fury Mix

  1. [Xy2]
    listen  'Feed The System'
    by Citadel Of Kaos
  2. [FDN]
    listen  'Hard Drive'
    by Steve Johnson
  3. [FDN]
    listen_g  'Kickteaser'
    by Up 'n' Atom
  4. listen  'Quango'
    by Helix
  5. [Xy2]
    listen_g  'Tribalistic'
    by Helix / Tekno Dred
  6. [GBT]
    listen_g  'Acid Sunshine'
    by Trancemasters
  7. [RSR]
    listen_g  'Judgement Day'
    by Ramos / Supreme / UFO
  8. [GBT]
    listen_g  'Gates Of Oblivion'
    by Rob Vanden

Disc 2 - Sharkey Mix

  1. listen  'De Sensitize '98'
    by DJ Fury
  2. [React]
    listen_g  'The Awakening'
    by Sharkey
  3. listen  'Point Zero'
    by Eclipse / Force Mass Motion
  4. [FDN]
    listen  'Lemonade Ray Gun'
    by DJ Fury
  5. [React]
    listen_g  'Product Of Society'
    by Sharkey
  6. listen_g  'Acid Frenzy'
    by Pre Dawn Chaos
  7. listen  'Now Control'
    by Helix
For those of you that think Hardcore is dead because the media don't give it any attention, think again. These guys, “THE CHEMICAL GENERATION” are bringing it back to life and are at the forefront of an exciting and inspiring movement.

“THE CHEMICAL GENERATION” is not just another album series. It is a growing team of keen and respected producers, DJs, promoters and record labels, with a loyal following of clubbers who want dance parties with no musical boundaries other than being energetic, pumping, and most importantly, vibey. “THE CHEMICAL GENERATION” have been pushing this concept over the the last 3 years, creating an underground vibe ranging from Trance via Hard House to Hardcore, bridging these scenes and bringing them together under one roof on one dance floor. This vibe was labelled Trancecore two and a half years ago and the sound has moved on from then and is now known as Freeform.

This compilation is great value for money for any buyer looking for a cross section of varied Dance, priced to entice a new audience and get them hooked on a new and inspiring sound.

Unleashing undiscovered and underground gems coupled with up front and in demand floor fillers this double CD comes mixed by four key DJs of the movement. DJ Fury (Stompin Choonz) kicks of the mix, followed by DJ Druid (Bonkers) who mixes old skool Hardcore with passion. DJ Energy (Nu Nrg / Wax City) picks up the pace with tantalising and uplifting Trancecore and Sharkey (Bonkers / React) finishes of with funky futuristic sounds of Hardcore.

This 4 DJ formula captures the vibe of the promotional nights, giving the listener the sounds of a slammin night out in the comfort of their own home.

DJ’S IN THE MIX (Written at the time of release)

DJ Fury
DJ Fury is 25 year old Craig Morris. One of the UKs’ leading producers of the Trancecore movement, he is known for producing many crossover Hard Dance tracks, notably “De Sensitize” and “Droppin Bombs” which were massive both on and off the Dance Floor. DJ Fury has spent a lot of time with others who aim to get credibility back into the Hardcore scene and has been an inspiration to both DJ Sharkey and DJ Energy. Although DJ Fury is known more for his producing than his DJing, his quality mixing skills have been put to good use during Chemical Generation Club Tour.

DJ Druid
DJ Druid is 27 year old Dave Steer, known as the first DJ to make a name for himself for playing the cream of the Hardcore that was available back in 1992 across the length and breadth of England, where he played to crowds at well known promotions as, Interdance at the legendary Sterns, Rhythm Station Aldershot, United Dance and Hardcore Heaven at Sanctuary and Tazmania and Fusion at Hastings pier to name but a few. Nowadays he can be found entertaining the ravers at Destiny at Madisons and throughout the south coast for Adrenalin. Druid produced the smash hit “Panic” with Michael Wells and has plenty of other quality releases on Essential, Platinum, Bonkers, Crafty, and Hectic Records. He was an obvious candidate for the Chemical Generation old skool mix, both as a veteran of the scene and a renowned Hardcore supporter and producer.

DJ Energy
DJ Energy is 20 year old Kevin Thorpe. Owner and founder of Nu Energy and Dynamix Recordings, he has held a residency @ club Labyrinth London for the last 3 years. As well as playing up and down the country and occasionally putting on his own nights in the London area under the name “Nu-Energy”, “Go Mental” and “Tectonic” he runs and works at London’s most popular and respected independent Hardcore / Hard Dance record store Wax City, based in Croydon. As of late, his DJing career has really taken off, and you can hear him playing at all the top Hardcore events including Hardcore Heaven, Helter Skelter, Slammin’ Vinyl. His DJing style and techniques have crossed over into Trance gW10 4BQatherings such as Techtonic, Trance Central, Pen Dragon, Mesmerise and Lovelife. He also has a DJ show on the ‘Interface’ Internet site every Sunday morning 10.30 am - 12.00 pm.

Sharkey is 22 year old John Kneath. He recently played at Glastonbury which was televised and transmitted across the continent. He has been producing music for 4 years and has a decade of performing experience behind him. Sharkey’s debut single “Toytown” excelled in the Rave scene and quickly made him well known for being a great producer with an extrovert personality. As well as being an established DJ on the club circuit playing regularly at events all over the UK, he also hosts a show on Kiss FM. Two years ago he set up the highly successful compilation series “Bonkers” (React). His role in this album concept was in A&R and assisting with the marketing. Just recently, he has been commissioned by React to do the same again with the forthcoming new Trancecore album entitled “Brainstorm” which is mixed by Mark EG and Sharkey himself. Sharkey has bought his wealth of experience with him to create the new “CHEMICAL GENERATION” album.